Ocean Rail Routes Page Background


Piraeus, Greece

  • Ownership: 100% by COSCO Shipping Ports.
  • Port Operator: Container Terminal Pier II and Pier III.
  • Port Certifications: International Ship & Port facility Security (ISPS Code) – Certified Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) – Certified.
  • PCT and Customs are operating continuously without any strike for the last ten years.
  • Average Productivity: 25.3 moves/QC/hour (aims to reach 28-30 moves/QC/hour)


Skopje, North Macedonia


  • Skopje Container Terminal is the first dry terminal in North Macedonia which can be linked wiith European Rail Network to the north and south as part of Coridor 10.
  • Equipped with 2 Reach Stackers able to lift on/off all type of containers, with lifting capacity of 45 tons.
  • 5000 sqm space for storage with a capacity of extending up to 10000 sqm.
  • SCT is able to offer 20 positions for Reefer containers.
  • 24/7 video and security surveillance.
  • SCT is able to offer cleaning, repairing and maintaining of all the containers based on request.

Technical Specs

Sofia, Bulgaria


Dragoman Bulgaria Intermodal Terminal (DBIT) stands nearby the Bulgarian-Serbian cross-border point of Dragoman/Dimitrovgrad right on the ORIENT EAST MED Corridor and at the same time maintains great vicinity with the rural area of Sofia the Capital of Bulgaria.

  • DBIT is lying 33km from the Ring Road of Sofia, which is the main road link to the Metropolitan Area.
    At the same time the aerial distance from the border is metered just under 10km, givng the advantage of immediate access to the Serbian soil and market, close to Nis hub.
  • Total coverage area of 18.000 m2
  • Stacking area/yard of 6.000 m2
  • Temporary Storage Area of 2.000 m2
  • 2x Reach Stackers
  • Train entrance to the premises has been secured through direct access to rail backbone of the Balkan.
  • Truck entrance is consisted of a singel GATE IN/GATE OUT set up, ensuring proper registration and documentation of the vehicles entering and exiting the area.
  • The terminal hosts 2X rail lines>300m each capable to host by splitting, the biggest trains permitted currently in the Balkan area.


Belgrade Serbia

NELT terminal-RS


  • Nelt complex in Dobanovci-Belgrade
  • Intersection of two main highways E-70/E-75-cca 6 km,
  • Distance from borders in km HU (187), CRO (100), RO (125), MK (390)
  • Rail station Surčin with direct rail connection 1.5 km,
  • Airport “Nikola Tesla” – 10km
  • Distance from main industrial areas 15-40km

Esisting intermodal capacities:

  • 1×600 m Rail track
  • TEU Container Yard capacity
  • Container Yard Declared as -Public customs warehouse
  • Railway sidings with direct manipulation possibility
  • 2x reach stacker 45t max load capacity
  • Forklifts with various weight possibilities
  • 24/7 security guarding, cctv-static and motion cameras, 100% fenced area
  • 100 trailers parking


  • Total Complex area 560.000 m2, of which 153.000 m2 for new activities
  • 5 warehouses (ambient, temperature controlled, customs) total 67.000 m2
  • Customs office inside complex

LEGET Container Terminal

  • LEGET Container Terminal in Sremska Mitrovica is a leading intermodal solution in Serbia within land container terminal as part of the system neighboring Leget port on Sava river.
  • 4 Kalmar Reach Stackers for 45 tons
  • 15 forklifts from 3 to 14 tons
  • 6 tons crane
  • Terminal has 60 electrical connections for refrigerated containers.
  • Terminal has private marshalling yard with 4 shunting tracks;
  • Main rail station is 1.5 km away from the terminal.
  • For the purpose of transfer of additional capacities, there is a port dock (100m length) with auto portal cranes for individual loads up to 200 tons.

Budapest, Hungary


The Bilk terminal was founded in 2003. Over the years it has developed to be one of the most significant chain link in the intermodal network of the region.

RCT BILK is perfectly situated in the heart of Eastern Europe and establish itself as “Gateway to Europe”

  • Perfect road and rail connection to major economic regions
  • Hub between Asia, Adriatic ports, Mediterranean ports, West and East European ports


  • Square Meter: 223000 (+KKD)
  • Number of railtracks: 7+1 (KKD track)
  • Length: seven of them are 700m + one of them is 245m (KKD track)
  • Portal Cranes: 2
  • Employees: 101
  • Reachstackers: 6+3 (empty handlers)

Description of Services:

  • Dry container storage
  • Empty container storage
  • 72x Reefer container plugs
  • Repair facility for containers

Rijeka, Croatia

Adriatic gate Container Terminal (AGCT)

  • Berth 1 – 300m Quay – Feeder berth
  • Berth 2 – 320m Mainline vessel berth
  • New Gate under EU guidelines
  • Reefer area with 306 reefer plugs
  • 2xRail Mounted Gantries on top of 4 rail tracks
  • Public Rail Station next to the terminal’s intermodal yard
  • RO-RO ramp & general cargo area
  • Border Inspection Point (BIP) Phyto-veterinarian inspection

Bratislava, Slovakia

Rail Cargo Terminal BRATISLAVA

  • Size: 45.400 m2
  • Storage Area: 33.000 m2
  • Storage Capacity: 5.800 TEU
  • Rail tracks: 1 x 350m, 1 x 335m
  • 4x Reach Stackers
  • Security: CCTV, Security guards and flood lights.

Enns, Austria

Container Terminal ENNS (CTE)

  • Location: 3.5 million sqm of space at the border between the federal states of Upper Austria and Lower Austria (river-km 2.112)
  • Trimodal logistics hub waterway/railway/road
  • Capacity: 450.000 TEU
  • Covered area: 245.000 sqm
  • Qua length: 630m
  • Number of tracks in the terminal: nine, each 750m long (for block trains). Inexpensive rail access directly to the terminal.
  • Shunting station: currently six tracks, each 750 m  long, three more tracks to be constructed

Praha, Czech Republic

Rail Cargo Terminal MELNIK

  • RCO has own independent pier/terminal in the Melnik harbor.
  • Terminal has own trucking gate and even fully seperate entry to the terminal.
  • Terminal area at the moment: 33.000 m2 ++ (continuous enlarging construction works running),
  • Capacity 7500 m2 of warehouse space ++
  • Capacity 4100 TEU ++ (Temporary Custom storage 1500 TEU)
  • The railway network, located on the premises, is 5.2km long. The network consists of 10 tracks of 4432 meters. Current manipulation tracks 2 x 750 m.
  • 4 trains and 150 trucks can be operated daily
  • Container handling is carried out by 1 diesel engine and 4 Kalmar container reach-stackers (with lifting height of up to 5 levels)